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Broadband: Technicolor TG 582 - Routed IP Setup

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Broadband: Technicolor TG 582 - Routed IP Setup

Aim of this article:

This article describes the initial setup process for the Technicolor TG 582 router on a Broadband (ADSL) service using Routed IP and is for use by customers with a need for public IP addresses, who selected to have 8 or more IP addresses when they ordered their service.

If you are setting the equipment up for the first time you should start here:

NOTE: This router automatically detects wheter to connect using ADSL or ADSL2+; there is no option to override this.

Before starting:

  • Ensure you have your Broadband username and password and the router's IP address and subnet for the IP range being used.  If you don't have these you can obtain them from the Customer Portal - as summarised in our Broadband Technical Details guide.
  • Check that the router is switched on and the Ethernet cable between your computer and router is plugged in correctly.

Configuring the router:

  1. Open an Internet browser.  By default you will see the Technicolor welcome page.  If the Technicolor welcome page does not appear automatically you can start the setup wizard by browsing to:
  2. To start the configuration wizard click on Technicolor Gateway from the menu on the left, then select Set up my Technicolor Gateway from the lower section of the screen.

    TG582 - Technicolor Gateway Selected
  3. The setup wizard will start; displaying a Welcome to the Technicolor Gateway Easy Setup screen.
  4. Click Next >

    TG 582 Wizard Welcome
  5. Select ADSL Manual Setup
  6. Click Next >

    TG 582 - Wizard Step 2 - ADSL Manual Setup
  7. In the box labelled "Zen User Name" type in your Zen Broadband username as shown in your Technical Details email or the Customer Portal (in the example below we've used zen123456@zen - you should replace this with your own username).
  8. In the box labelled "Zen Password" type in your Zen Broadband password as shown in your Technical Details email or the Customer Portal.  This is case-sensitive so should be typed in exactly as it appears.  You may find it easier to copy this from the email or Portal and paste it into the box.
  9. Click Next >

    TG 582 - Wizard Step 3
  10. Select Routed IP.
  11. Click Next >

    Wizard - Step 3a - Select Routed IP
  12. In the box labelled "Router IP Address" type your Router IP address as shown in your Technical Details email or in the Customer Portal.
  13. In the box labelled "Subnet Mask" type your Subnet Mask as shown in your Technical Details email or in the Customer Portal.
  14. Click Next >

    Routed IP and Subnet
  15. Tick the box labelled Enable DHCP.
  16. Click Next >

    582 Setup - Routed IP and Subnet Entry
  17. We recommend you enable the router's firewall.  To do this tick the box labelled Enable Firewall Protection.
    NOTE: The firewall must be enabled at this point even if you want it disabled later.  Complete the Wizard with it enabled and then disable it later using the Toolbox options.
  18. Click Next >

    Wizard Step 3d - Enable Firewall
  19. Set the Wireless encryption level.  We strongly recommend you set this to the highest level (WPA+WPA2).  The wireless key the router will use at this point is printed on the bottom of the router.
  20. Click Next >

    TG 582 - Wizard Step 4 - Wireless Setup
  21. In the boxes labelled "Router Password" and "Confirm Router Password" type a password of your choice for the administrator username.
    You should keep a note of the password somewhere safe as we will not have a copy of your password.  If you lose or forget the password you will need to factory reset the router and run through this set up wizard again.
  22. Click Next >

    TG 582 - Wizard Step 5 - Admin Password
  23. The wizard is now ready to apply the settings to the router.  The middle dialog box contains all the information the wizard will use.
  24. Click Start >

    TG 582 - Wizard Step 6 - Confirm Settings
  25. The wizard is now configuring the router.  Please note this may take several minutes.

    TG 582 - Wizard Step 7 - Configuring
  26. To save the new settings to the router and finish the configuration click the Finish button.

    TG 582 - Wizard Step 8 - Finish




Your router should now be configured to connect to your Broadband service.  Test this by browsing to Google and performing a search.




What next?

Below are guides to using features of your Broadband service:

Further advice:

Should you experience problems with your Broadband connection after setting up your router using this article, please refer to our Broadband troubleshooting advice.

To use an external IP address on a particular device, e.g. assign an external IP address to a mail server - you will need to manually assign one of the usable IP addresses provided by us.  This can be done by setting the IP address, subnet mask and default gateway in the TCP/IP details , which can normally be found in the network settings for the computer/device.

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