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Vigor 2800 Series - Routed IP setup

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Vigor 2800 Series - Routed IP setup

Aim of this article:

This guide is for people who have a block of 8 (or more) IP addresses from Zen Internet, and wish to configure their Vigor 2800 router to use with them.

Note that the Vigor 2800 series can be used to provide NAT and routed IP service simultaneously, which means that some computers can have private (NAT) IP addresses and others can have Public IP addresses. For more information on NAT and routed IP see the Related Article at the end of this page.

NOTE: Before continuing you should first have completed the basic NAT setup for this router. If you have not yet done this step, then please refer to the article at and return here when complete.

Configuring the Vigor 2800 Series router.

Firstly log into your router's Web configuration page. By default this can be found at

By default the username is admin, and the password is left blank. If you have changed the password then enter this instead. Press OK, and you will now be logged into the router.

On the left hand menu click on LAN, and then General Setup.

The settings that need to be changed are all in the left hand side of this section. The screenshot below shows these more clearly:

  • Change the option: For IP Routing Usage to Enable.
  • In the box: 2nd IP Address, fill in the Router's external IP address as supplied in your technical details e-mail
  • In the box: 2nd Subnet Mask, fill in the Subnet mask for your block of IP addresses. For a block of 8 IP addresses this will be

Click on the OK button once complete.

You will be prompted to confirm the settings. Click on OK to make the changes, and reboot the router.

Once the router has restarted the setup is complete, and you can configure computers with the 5 usable public IP addresses. See the Network setup section of the knowledge base for help doing this with your operating system.

NOTE: We would strongly advise installing a software firewall on any computers with Public IP addresses. Windows XP has a built in firewall that can be enabled in the control panel.

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