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Vigor 2820n - Wireless Setup

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Vigor 2820n - Wireless Setup

Aim of this Article:

This Article has been written to assist users configuring and securing a Draytek 2820n for wireless access.

For help with basic setup on this router please refer to our Draytek 2820n Quick Setup Guide.

NOTE: This device is not supplied by or supported by Zen Internet.  If you experience problems when using this device please ensure you have entered the correct settings as detailed below and consult Draytek for further assistance. 

Wireless Setup:

In your browser, navigate to, and enter the router's Admin password.

On the home page's left menu pane, select General Setup under Wireless LAN

The Draytek's wireless LAN is ticked on by default. You can choose which mode it uses to ensure compatability with your wireless clients. If you are unsure, you can select a mixed mode which allows access from the widest variety. The Draytek allows scheduled access, but for basic setup we'll ignore that.



The SSID broadcasts by default a name that identifies the router and manufacturer. This can lead to known exploits being used to compromise your network. Changing the SSID not only allows for instant identification of your own network, it stops people identifying the model of router you're using.Change the SSID to something memorable that you can easily identify as your wireless network. 
The 2820n can handle up to 4 Wireless LANs. Here you can set the SSID of those.

You can also change channel here to reduce interference and there is a long preamble option to further increase compatibilty.

Click OK to apply changes

Wireless Security & Encryption

In the left menu pane of the home page, click Security under Wireless LAN.

You can set the security and encryption for each of the available wireless networks here. If your clients support it, we recommend choosing WPA2/PSK.

The Pre-Shared Key(PSK) is the key that you will have to enter on devices that you configure to use your wireless network. This should be something memorable and secure.

Click OK to apply security and encryption settings.


Connecting your Computer to the Wireless Network

Select from the following guides to connect your computer to the Wireless Network:

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