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Thomson/SpeedTouch 585/780WL - Wireless Setup

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Thomson/SpeedTouch 585/780WL - Wireless Setup

Aim of this article:

This article describes the setup procedure for Wireless using WPA encryption with the Thomson and SpeedTouch 585/780WL router and should be used if you need to change your wireless settings.

If you are setting up your equipment for the first time please use the following guide:


Start by connecting to the router's Web configuration page by entering the following in your Web browser:

If this does not bring up the configuration page use

Follow the link for Wireless.

Click Configure in the top right-hand corner.

As per the above screenshot configure your Wireless interface as required.

Interface Enabled : Check to enable wireless.
Network Name (SSID) : This is the name your wireless clients will see.
Interface Type : Choose 802.11b/g
Broadcast Network Name : Check to enable. Some clients may be unable to connect to the wireless if this is not checked.
Allow New Devices :
        New Stations are not allowed - Wireless clients are unable to connect even with the correct encryption key.
        New stations are allowed (via registration) - Wireless clients are allowed to connect (with the correct encryption key) after you click the task Search for wireless devices. This registers detected wireless devices.
        New stations are allowed (automatically) - Wireless clients are able to connect if they have the correct encryption key.
Encryption : Choose Use WPA-PSK Encryption.
WPA-PSK Encryption Key : Choose a Pass-Phrase, which you will be required to to type in the first time you connect to the wireless network. This can be anything upto 64 characters.
WPA-PSK Version : Choose the best version your Wireless clients can support, WPA2 is more secure than WPA or both WPA WPA2 if you have some computers or devices that support only WPA, and some that support WPA2.

Click Apply.

Wireless is now configured.  You will need to configure your Wireless clients to use the encryption details you have entered. If connecting for the first time the correct encryption type will be detected automatically you will just have to type in the pass-phrase.

Wireless Client Connection Guides

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  • Windows 7
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista

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