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3Com OfficeConnect ADSL 11g Wireless Encryption Setup

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3Com OfficeConnect ADSL 11g Wireless Encryption Setup

Aim of this Article

This Article has been written to assist users configuring the Wireless settings on a 3Com OfficeConnect for the first time.

Basic Setup

Once you have connected the device to the telephone line and your local network via an ethernet cable browse to

You will be prompted for the System Password. The default is admin, but if you followed the initial setup guide, enter the password you created at that time.  If you have lost this password you will need to follow the router's instruction manual to perform a factory reset.

Once logged in to the router, click the Wireless Settings menu item to bring up the wireless configuration screen.

The first page in wireless setup allows you to change the basic settings such as the wireless name you seen when searching for wireless networks. If you have not already changed it from the default of 3Com, change the SSID to a name of your choice and click Apply.

If you are happy with the settings on this page click the Encryption tab.

By default the wireless will have no password assigned. On this page you can choose the encryption type and pre-shared key or passphrase.

WPA: If you have a Radius server on your network you can choose to use that, otherwise choose WPA-PSK (no server)

WPA mode
: Unless you have much older equipment you should choose WPA2 here.

Encryption technique
: AES is best chosen for this option.

Pre-shared Key (PSK)
: This is the password to join your wireless network. It needs to be more than eight characters long, and can contain punctuation. With this in mind, you can make the password a whole sentence or phrase that is much easier to remember than a long word spelt in a unusual way. 

Once you have the values you want, click Apply. Any current wireless connection will need to reconnect with the new passphrase.

Connecting your Computer to the Wireless Network

Select from the following guides to connect your computer to the Wireless Network:

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