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SpeedTouch 608WL - NAT Setup

Aim of this article:

The aim of this article is to describe the process involved in configuring the SpeedTouch 608WL in basic NAT mode.


Connect your SpeedTouch 608WL to your PC using Ethernet cable.

Open your Web browser, by default you should be directed to the SpeedTouch's Welcome page. Follow the link for Set Up My SpeedTouch.

If you are not automatically re-directed browse to:

Click Next.

Choose Data (Default) and click Next.


VPI/VCI:    0.38
Connection type:    PPPoA (UK Default)
Username:    Your Zen ADSL username found in your technical details e-mail.
Password:    Your Zen ADSL password found in your technical details e-mail.

Click Next.

Click Start to begin the configuration change.
After a few moments your SpeedTouch router will be configured and should connect to the internet automatically.

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