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Speedtouch 5x6/585 custom template setup

Aim of this article:

You will need custom templates if your router was shipped with World Build firmware and you wish to use a routed IP set up.  This article describes how to download template files for Speedtouch 5x6 and 585 routers, upload them to the router and set the router up for routed IP.

Downloading the templates:

You will firstly need to connect to the Internet using the World Build firmware.  To do this:

Login to the Speedtouch router via a Web browser and type the router IP address, or, in the address bar > click on SpeedTouch on the left Menu bar > Click Set Up > Next > Select Routed PPP under Service Selection > enter the connection details as you are prompted.

Depending on your router model, right click on the link and select Save Target As... and save the template file to your hard drive.

routed.tpl - For Speedtouch 5x6 and 585 routers.

Uploading the template:

You will need to connect to your router via FTP.  Windows users can make use of Windows Explorer which has a built in FTP client.  To open Windows Explorer click Start > All Programs > Accessories > Windows Explorer.

Simply enter ftp://Administrator@ in the address bar. Administrator is the default username for your Speedtouch router, change as appropriate. You may be prompted to enter a password as well, by default there is no password. Please note the /dl/ at the end of the URL.  This is a folder on the router which you can gain access to and where you will place your custom template file.

MAC users can use command line FTP. Open a terminal window and change directory to where you have saved the template file then issue the following command:

ftp -u ftp://Administrator@ pppe5x6_585.tpl

NOTE: Customers using alternative FTP software should note the following:
Hostname : Your router's IP address, by default this is
Username and Password : By default Administrator with no password.

When you have accessed the router via FTP copy and paste or drag and drop the template file into the /dl/ directory (if using Windows Explorer you will already be within this directory).

You should now see several files as seen above.

Once the file is in place close your FTP program or Windows Explorer and open your Web browser (eg. Internet Explorer).
Browse to the configuration page of your router:

Click the SpeedTouch link in the menu on the left, then Set Up under Pick a task.  This will launch the SpeedTouch Wizard.

Click Next.

Select Data (Custom) from the options and click Next.

Enter your Zen ADSL username and password as found in your technical details e-mail. Click Next.

Enter you router's public IP address, public network address and your subnet mask as found in your Technical Details E-mail.

Click Next.

Uncheck Enable DHCP.  Click Next.

Click Start to write the configuration to the router.

Click Finish to finalise the configuration.  Your router is now set up to connect to the Internet using routed IP.

You will now need to configure your PC with one of your available public IP addresses.  Please see Related Articles below for guidence.

PLEASE NOTE: The firewall on the SpeedTouch router is still enabled and in effect. Some applications may require forwarding rules to be setup to get past this. See related Port Forwarding guide for further information.

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